Promote your Company/Activity

Are you going to promote your business and are you searching an effective way to do it?

Nowadays, in Internet era, Visual Marketing  does  make the difference. We offer to you the best quality videos which combine effectively aerial and terrestrial views, by means of drones and steady-cams. The message you aim to deliver gains a new, more effective perspective by means of aerial footage. Our audio/video settings will be fully coherent for the goal of your project

Sports and Events

Are you a Team Coach or are you working for a sport Team? Do you want to organize a special event? If so, aerial footage is just what you need! Keep in mind that from sky one can see much more than from ground! Try our collaboration and you’ll see very effective results.

Mapping and Surveys

Are you in the business of construction sites or do you manage very high installations maintenance? With our drones we can provide to you extremely detailed photos to analyze the condition of an element or a structure that would be very difficult to reach from ground level, like a roof, a wind turbine, a viaduct, a silos, a trellis…

More value to your property and assets

Are you thinking to lease your villa or your yacht for a week? Do you want to promote your Real Estate Agency business in selling luxury manors? You know that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, thus we believe that “a video is worth a thousand ads”. Our aerial videos and photos can give to your clients a more appealing  view towards your assets.

Drone and Pilot Rental

Do you need to add some aerial shooting  to your video production? We can offer to you a tailored solution, modelled around your specific needs, using our drones driven by pilots with Enac (Italian Civil Flight Authority) certificate. In fact, our drones are fully available for film director to contribute to realise video clips, ads, documentaries, movies…

Ask us for a quotation

The cost for our services depends on a mix of factors, such as Video resolution, timing of shooting, post-production’s characteristics…

Thus, we prefer that our customers could contact us filling the form in the “Contacts section” or calling +39 333 266 08 87. In this way we’ll be able to give you a detailed quotation of your project.